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Big Thursday

September 6th, 2007

Crazy day.  Was sitting listening to a phone conference and trying to ignore the Netmeeting session so I could get some work done when all the sudden my screen went blank.  Which for a second is what my mind did.  Then I realized the lights were out (in the building).  Two transformers blew on our block at work.  Not a good scenario as a Sys Admin.  Did the usual scramble.  UPS and Generators held.  The were a couple of unprotected machines and we ended up with two machines that would not come up.   We had problems with another UPS that resulted in some additional downtime.  Events like this help you flush out the environment.  Many anxious people since it is quarter and year end.  Finished up just in time to eat lunch and make it to the Doctors office at 4:30, then back to work to wrap stuff up.  This was not the best time to be on crutches.

Ankle is not to bad.  Needs lots of ice and of course Ice Cream.  The Ice Cream chills everything down from the inside.  Reduces swelling.  Proven to work I know since I read it on the INTERNET.


September 4th, 2007

Well the weekend did not start the best. Went diving but my ongoing sinus blockage would not release so we did a 27 foot 24 minute dive. After that I could not get my head below the surface of the water without stabbing pain.

We then moved on to bouldering. At the very end of the day I was on the last classic, a hold popped and down I went. Then my ankle popped and we headed of the the emergency room to get XRays, a splint and crutches.

So on Monday our official 1 year anniversary Mei was stuck taking care of me. I did manage to hobble out and cut some flowers that were growing in the front yard. Then sneak them in to her.

Erik and Jenny came over for a nice BBQ.

Mei’s Birthday

June 19th, 2007

Went to dinner yesterday then went out for treats. It was nice and relaxing. For her birthday and our 1 year anniversary for me proposing we got her a new set of brakes for her bike and we will be ordering her a pair of wheels.

My poison oak is getting better but I still itch.

Casual Day at Home in La Honda

June 17th, 2007

Stayed home mostly and played with the neighbors dog ( Jack ). Hangin out was kinda cool since the La Honda fair was going on. So we had free music all weekend. When Mei got home we finished the day with a ride up Alpine Road. This was nice and I have grown to love this ride. That is about it. beautiful wife, beautiful life.

La Honda Faire and Music Festival

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