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Been a long time

March 10th, 2013

Well have not written or ridden in quite a while  I was notified or a really good deal on  frame and fork combination around Christmas time so I went ahead and pulled the trigger.  A had test rode this frame a half dozen times and it seemed like one of the funnest bikes I had ever ridden.  So here it is.  Just a short shake down ride after putting it together.

Rode with my favorite ridding partner.  She was busy working on projects so was a bit reluctant.

pre ride blues

But we really had to do this one thing

Peddle Damit

The freshly built ride

New Niner RIP9

An old trusty steed.

Titus FTM

All to soon we are feeling like this!


A rest at the top of the hill

A bench with a view

Love the trails

She is a beauty

Spring tackiness.

One more turn....

Maiden Voyage

First Ride

A bit of Mud

Mud on the new bike

A good day for a ride with my favorite riding partner.  Like the way the new bike rides will have to see how this works out.  Have not ridden since October hopefully we get on the trails more in the next few months.

Here’s to sweat in your eye

Thanksgiving Weekend

December 1st, 2008

It was a nice Thanksgiving Day Weekend.
The final ride of the Low Key Hill Climb series.  The ride started at 9:30 which meant getting up at 7 AM.  Mei had just returned from China and I was on the tail end of the flu so getting up was just a little problematic.  Once up and moving preparing for the ride and gearing up went quickly.

We arrived at the start with plenty of time to register, warm up and prepare.  Mike and Joan showed up.  Mike rode as part of team Mudncrud.  Joan rode on up ahead.

The start as always was aggressive.  I tend to fall behind then work in pulling people in.  I thought I was doing well, the main peleton had gone on ahead but I thought I was doing OK after that since I held my own after being dropped by the peleton on the first of the three hills that make up the Mount Hamilton hill climb.

Hill one establishes your over placement in the race.  Hill two and three is where the incremental adjustments take place.  I made my adjustments on hill three passing a dozen people or so.  Over all I thought that I had done well enough to break the median point.  But that just did not happen, my placement ended up just below the median once again.

In the overall 2008 Low Key Hill Climb standing I ended up 31 out of 127 men.  Mei ended up 4th out of 47 women.

Mei and I finished the day sharing a Hot Pot while watching the moving Phantom of the Opera.  Mmmm she is such a good cook.

was a little more casual.  We started late and made friends with one of the neighbors cats.  We then got dressed up and went and saw the performance Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco.  After the performance we went out for a nice bite to eat.

Jeff Gilbert was in town and we had made plans to do some bolting down at the Pinnacles.  On the approach to our planned climb we started to gear up for the approach chimney when I realized that I had forgot my harness.  So we went down the slope to work on a kind of cool  looking line that looked “5.4”.

Jeff took the first lead.  Jeff did not want me to use my belt loops to belay so I rigged up a swamy out of a length of cordallet.  Jeff got up about 12′ or so and got to a cruxy section so he put in the first bolt from stance.

I put in the next two.  I felt good about the third bolt since I actually managed to climb above the bolt below and even climb above a couple of cams placed in pockets while wearing a swamy.  In addition we bolted from stance.  Just a little old school action.  Of course our 5.4 ended up a bit more 5.8.

Jeff put in the last bolt of the day while racing the sunset.  We were able to start the hike back with a bit of daylight but it was fairly dark when we got to the car.

Last weekend while Mei was in China Derek, Leo and I attempted a Coe 10k.  We came up a mechanical short of success.  Overall that was a fun day and we came fairly close to success.

New day new ride, Mei was back in town so this time Mei, Derek and I went for the 10K.

The route Hunting Hollow, Coit Road, Grizzly Gulch, Spike Jones, Tim Trail, Grizzly Gulch, Dexter, Willow Ridge, Domino Pond, Cattle Duster, Grapevine, Coit Road, Mahoney Meadows, China Hole, Manzanita, Headquarters, Flat Frog, Middle Ridge, Poverty Flat, Jackass Trail, Poverty Flat, Corral Trail, Narrows, Mahoney Meadows, Lone Spring, Mahoney Meadows, Coit Road, Hunting Hollow.

All told we ended up riding a bit over 11K and riding just under 45 miles.  WhooHoo success.  The temps were real good even though it was a bit chilly in the morning and after the sun went down.  We managed to get all the way back down Coit Road before dusk settled in.  fairly close to the final paved road out we rode up on a couple pushing their bikes.  Mei had not picked up her mandatory piece of trash so she donated a CO2 cartridge that got the couple back up and running long enough for them to ride to the parking lot.

By the time we got to the parking lot it was dark and we were all very hungry.  Derek agreed to join Mei and I at Black Bear for a hearty celebratory dinner.  The fates punished Derek, he received his dinner a couple of minutes before they brought out our dinner.  Being proper he waited with a large plate of food in front of him until our food was also delivered.  We tried not to stare and salivate to much.

After dinner we went our separate ways.  Getting home around 9 PM we unpacked the car and showered.  Mei had one tick in her side we gently removed it and stuck it to a piece of tape but somehow it managed to escape in the middle of the night.

It was a very full weekend with a little bit of everything.

Downievilee Post ride analysis

July 18th, 2008

What did I get out of Downieville other than some cool, swank swag.

Derek had the coolest training program.  Mei has improved a lot. Stacy did very well for her first Downieville visit.  Life got to Jeff, seems we swapped positions from last year.  Some really good riders just blew up.  In general, we see what we want to see.

I previously thought I was a good climber.  After looking through the split times to Packer Saddle, I realize that I am slightly better than average.  And, I managed a personal best.

As far as going the other way, I thought I was a poor downhiller.  Turns out I am in about the same spot.  About average.  Which means I am a fair bit better than I previously thought.

What really surprised me was how I did on the flats and slight downhills.  I thought I could do well in those situations but it turns out I got passed quite a bit and the people that passed were flying by.  Hmm.

After strenuous, stressful physical exertion then stepping into a large interactive crowd, for some reason, I quite often end up thinking of my High School Sociology Teacher.

Downievilee 2008

July 17th, 2008

Raced the Downieville classic last weekend and did way better than I expected.  I was really hoping to complete the cross country course in around 3:15 but the final result was a time of around 2:56.  In the processes shaved about 10 minutes off my best time up the climb.

 The weekend as a whole was a good time.  I met some new people and ran into and hung out with a few old friends.  We met Stacy and Jesse on the first day.  Had diner and wine after the race with Derek and Jeff on the balcony of there room after the race.  This was really cool the the local Sierra City store owner was locking his door as we walked up.  He opened, made us sandwiches and sold us what we needed.  As a result he ended up letting in about 8 other people.

 The race itself was a blast.  I did not get up the hill without walking but Derek did.  Woo Hoo.  It seemed the climb was hotter than any of our prerides because there was not any wind.  I actually managed to get in a couple of passes on Sunrise, I also did almost all of my passing on the climbs.  For the most part people were receptive to passing with the exception of getting stuck behind someone for almost all of Third Divide.  The person did fine on the runouts but was to slow in the technical section leaving me with a continual feeling of being pitched over the bars.  I need to learn how to pass at speed.  hmmm, perhaps someday.

 After Third Divide I did OK until Upper First getting in several passes.  Upper First I again just could not pull off the pass while going at speed. 

 I jumped in the first shuttle, rode to the campsite then cleaned up in the river, changed, drank some fluids then drove back to Sierra City.  Ran into Derek and Jeff.  First thing Derek says is “Your in First”.  First thought was I was the first one in from the campground, then it dawned on me.  Initially this was difficult to believe.

 My race time was way better than expected.  Before the race I was was thinking best case 3 hours 15 minutes.  Maybe an outside chance on 3:10 or 3:05 but did not really think that was all to realistic.  But, toward the end of the race it was looking like I might be able to get under three hours so I started pushing as hard as traffic would allow.  I was really surprised to get the 2:56.  When I first saw my time I figured it was good enough for a top 10.  I was very surprised to get on top of the podium

 Mei initially was confused since she could not find her name. After searching she found it in the Men’s Sport.  She contacted the Time Keeper and Race Coordinator and the assured here that this would be corrected. 

 When it came time for the podium call I got ready to take pictures.  They called everyone except her.  I know she had to be bummed since she put an incredible amount of time and energy into training for this.  In doing so she improved her time, over last year, by about 1 and 1/2 hours.

  Sunday we had breakfast with Derek and talked bikes and riding for several hours.  Mei and I had talked about not riding next year but Derek once again got a full commitment from both of us.  So I suppose we will be back, or else.

 We drove down to Downieville looked at the expo’s talked with Brian Lopes.  Walked up and watched races come in.  Talked with Lopes’ Mechanic and took pictures of their van and car.  Then finally drove home.

5 April 2008 Pursisima, Skeggs 31 miles 6600ft

April 6th, 2008

Down the fire road at Purisima then up Harkins Ridge up.


down sierra morena, timberview, crossover (fun), spring board (fun), Lawrence creek

up Virginia Mills, South Leaf (technical), methuselah, fir.