September 8th, 2007

Friday I was still recovering from the power outage.  This was my first one to do solo, since the rest of the UNIX Admins left.  We use annex boxes to get a serial connection to our servers.  A nice simple solution except they seem to be loosing their defaultroute.  I was working on one logged out then went to login and could not.  Had to find a box that was on the same subnet as that annex box.  I also had not powered up the Sunfire 4800 by myself before.  Took me a little while to figure that out.  Then the primary library for my backups did not want to come up.  5 reboots later and a bit of finagling and things were running.   I still have one license server down so I have something to look forward to on Monday.  Got home around 9 PM and Mei had a wonderful dinner ready.

My toes are turning purple but at least it is not lookin like a puffer fish.

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