Been a long time

March 10th, 2013

Well have not written or ridden in quite a while  I was notified or a really good deal on  frame and fork combination around Christmas time so I went ahead and pulled the trigger.  A had test rode this frame a half dozen times and it seemed like one of the funnest bikes I had ever ridden.  So here it is.  Just a short shake down ride after putting it together.

Rode with my favorite ridding partner.  She was busy working on projects so was a bit reluctant.

pre ride blues

But we really had to do this one thing

Peddle Damit

The freshly built ride

New Niner RIP9

An old trusty steed.

Titus FTM

All to soon we are feeling like this!


A rest at the top of the hill

A bench with a view

Love the trails

She is a beauty

Spring tackiness.

One more turn....

Maiden Voyage

First Ride

A bit of Mud

Mud on the new bike

A good day for a ride with my favorite riding partner.  Like the way the new bike rides will have to see how this works out.  Have not ridden since October hopefully we get on the trails more in the next few months.

Here’s to sweat in your eye

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