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Henry Coe State Park April 13, 2014
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Another Spring 2014 Coe group ride…

We began by climbing the Jim Donnelly Trail. The formerly banked Canary Turn is now flat:

I think those guys building the Soquel Demo Flow Trail stole it for their project.

What It Was Like Out There™

At the top of Jim Donnelly Trail (& Steer Ridge Road).

15 minutes later and the sun was out. Dew on Fiddlenecks was the only remaining evidence of the overcast and mist:

Chris and Tom cresting the steep pitch on Steer Ridge Road   :

Paul & Chris had camped the night before and Chris couldn't sleep but she still managed to finish the ride!

At the top, we turned on to Serpentine Trail:

Eric tip-toeing past the giant ruts on Serpentine:

Wagon Road:

Our stop at Kelly Lake included filling in a little wash-out:

Kelly Cabin Canyon Trail was a lot of fun:

Map meeting at Cross Canyon Trail & Willow Ridge Road:

We decided on White Tank/Rose Dam » Pacheco Camp » Pacheco Falls.

Here's Tom finishing Rose Dam:

I was pretty happy with the results of Wednesday's brushing of the trail.

Pacheco Falls:

Hanging out on the edge of the overlook/cliff:

The ride back…

Wagon Road

Grizzly Gulch Trail

Grizzly Gulch Trail

Gilroy Hot Springs Road

Paul's track
Chris’ track

Start at Hunting Hollow » Hunting Hollow Road » Jim Donnelly Trail » Steer Ridge Road » Jim2Jones Trail » Spike Jones Trail » Steer Ridge Road » Serpentine Trail » Grizzly Gulch Trail » Wagon Road » Wasno Pond Trail » Wagon Road » Crest Road » Willson Field Hill Radio Tower » Crest Road » Kelly Lake Trail » Kelly Lake » Coit Road » Kelly Cabin Canyon Trail » Cross Canyon Trail » Willow Ridge Road » White Tank Spring Road » White Tank Spring Trail » Rose Dam Trail » Pacheco Creek Trail » Pacheco Camp » Coit Road » Live Oak Spring Trail » Pacheco Falls Trail » Pacheco Falls » Pacheco Falls Trail » Live Oak Spring Trail » Wagon Road » Wasno Road » Tule Pond Trail » Grizzly Gulch Trail » Coit Road » Coyote Creek gate » Gilroy Hot Springs Road » Hunting Hollow parking. 31.40/5:25/8:16/6,088'


Cordoza Ridge: