Author Topic: Henry Coe State Park November 15, 2014  (Read 2885 times)


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Henry Coe State Park November 15, 2014
« on: November 16, 2014, 08:21:37 AM »
Mike, Nick, and Jeff (mtbr handles Plim, CHUM, and JustJeff) are doing a 3 day bikepacking trip in Coe this weekend. Today I rode out to Mississippi Lake to possibly find them...

Mississippi Lake as seen from the Mississippi Queen overlook:   

You know you're on the Mississippi Queen Trail when you see…

It was just after noon when I got to their campsite:

They had ridden a small loop in the morning (Countyline Road » Bear Mtn » Bear Spring East) and were now packing up to move to Coit Lake:

A slight delay while Nick re-inflates his rear tire, then off we go...

Just Jeff

Due to the weight of their bikes, they took Countyline Road while I took the Pacheco Creek Trail to Pacheco Camp. Pacheco Camp to Coit Lake we all rode together.


3:15pm Setting up camp at Coit Lake:

After hanging out a little more, I returned to Hunting Hollow back-tracking my morning route because I thought I had dropped my jacket somewhere along the way. I find descending Bowl/Lyman Willson is the least interesting route back but it does have the best view of the sunset:

In the morning, I saw Jeff/TahoeBC in the parking lot getting ready for his ride. Jeff had left his riding shoes and socks at home but he found some old shoes in his car and I lent him some old cotton socks. He returned them with kudos:

Okay, that is just an empty Kudos wrapper but there was also a little money in the baggie to buy a Kudos bar (I guess).

Oh, and I found my jacket…………in my car! Doh.

Start at Hunting Hollow 8:26am » Hunting Hollow Road » Lyman Willson Ridge Trail » Bowl Trail » Willson Camp » Wagon Road » Fish & Game Trail » Coit Road » Coit Lake Perimeter Trail » Coit Dam Road » Willow Ridge Road » White Tank Spring Road » White Tank Spring Trail » Rose Dam Trail » Pacheco Creek Trail » Willow Ridge Road » Mississippi Lake Campsite to find Mike, Nick, and Jeff » Willow Ridge Road » Pacheco Ridge Road » Heritage Trail » Pacheco Creek Trail » Pacheco Camp » Coit Road » Coit Lake campsite » Coit Road » Fish & Game Trail » Wagon Road » Willson Camp » Bowl Trail » Lyman Willson Ridge Trail » Hunting Hollow Road » Hunting Hollow parking 5:02pm (Sunset 4:57pm). 39.10/6:31/8:36/6,122' Wildlife: a few deer, 2 newts, lots of coots, and a tick.


Cordoza Ridge:


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Re: Henry Coe State Park November 15, 2014
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A few of their photos stolen from some other popular social media site…


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Re: Henry Coe State Park November 15, 2014
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Cool. Tfpu.
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Re: Henry Coe State Park November 15, 2014
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Nice report! That reminded me... I owe you something... Need to work on it soon.
Inch by inch, I will get there.